PinkMan by Fruit Factory - A Review

PinkMan by Fruit Factory - A Review

May 26, 2019

Review by Lucas Collier


This review is my honest opinion and only mine.


The juice I'll be reviewing is PinkMan By Fruit Factory (The Vape Box Branston) Michael John Sparrow


I've been vaping this juice for half a 60ml so I can get the profile down too a T.


On the inhale I'm getting I believe a fresh strawberry / citrus flavour. The mixture in my opinion is just right for a nice fresh fruity burst of flavour PERFECT for the hot weather.


So far from vaping around 30ml of this juice on the same coils, same wick and same rta the cotton is holding in very well so that tells me this juice is not full of sweetener and has had passion when being made. Oh it only gets better as well, on the exhale you're greeted with even more of a fruit burst, I've tried many pinkman juices and in my HONEST opinion, this one is by far the best tasting and ripe fruits. You will NOT find this juice in any other vape shops in Burton-on-Trent, ONLY available at THE VAPE BOX Branston as it's there creation, time & effort to bring you great tasting juice at amazingly affordable prices.

Not only that, but the time and effort that has been put into the labels are amazing. They truly are a one of a kind label IN MY OPINION.


Disclaimer: This is my opinion ONLY, it may differ from person to person due too everyone's taste buds being different. But too me this juice in a win win. If I had a supply of this flavour I could vape it as a ADV every day!!


Oh, you ask where may I get some of this? I have you sorted. Take yourself down to THE VAPE BOX on Burton Road Just before the roundabout near Branston golf club, you'll there be greeted by a very well mannered staff member that knows his stuff. You'll also be greeted by ONE OF THE BEST LOOKING SHOPS I'VE SEEN SO FAR. So much variety it leaves you thinking about what to buy or whether to buy everything.


Can I stay by you ask? Yes, you can, they serve drinks hot and cold, have a pool table and a darts board ALSO lots of juice testing equipment. This is my first time viewing the shop and I can see myself shopping there out of other shops.


P.S I'm not doing this because I favour the shop or the guys in the shop as like I said this is my 1st time visiting the shop and trying their juice.


Please stand by as I do have another whopping 5 flavours from this line to review over the next few weeks.