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Clown 50ml Shortfill 0mg (70VG/30PG)

Brand: Clown

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          Made in the USA
          50ml Shortfill
–          70VG/30PG

Pennywise - Perfect melody of sweet, ripe strawberry and watermelon flavors combined with bubblegum.

Laffy - Sweet notes of fresh blueberry and grape candied with taffy

Splitz - Banana split sundae with a creamy custard twist

Sweet Tooth - Silky smooth textured cotton candy with sweet raspberry

Twisty - Raspberry candy blend smoothed out with a creamy yogurt

Skitzo - Juicy green apple drenched with sweet, sticky, thick caramel.

Crush - Sweet, fizzy drink rendition combining tasty oranges and tangy tangerines

Drooly - Lip-smacking, hard candy in a mouth-watering sweet grape and berry blend